We love that you can convey so much through a single photo. A good photograph allows you to relive all of the beauty and emotion of your day with the same intensity you felt in that very moment. These images are your very own time capsules for you to enjoy for many years to come.

At Straylight, we strive to capture all of the details that you have worked so hard to include. To show you at your very best on your happiest day. To stop time in each picture, and provide you with the most precious memories to have and to hold for a lifetime.

All you need is love, and some amazing photos to remind you of the remarkable times through your journey in life.

We are based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. But we are available for travel to surrounding areas, for an additional fee to cover gas mileage. We are also available for destination weddings, each of our destination weddings are custom quoted. Please give us a call and we'd be happy to discuss your details. For price inquiries please feel free to contact us at info@straylightphotostudio.com or call 416-652-0787